Industrial Projects

Inline Fence & Fabrication works closely with our industrial clients in the oil field and with pipeline companies to provide custom fabrication and installation of solutions around well heads, production sites, etc.  Some of these solutions include guard rails around equipment, pipe bollards to protect equipment, hand rails and walkways and even pipe supports for oil lines.

Inline Fence & Fabrication works with midstream oil companies who are transporting oil in pipelines from the well to the production site.  These pipelines cross many properties and Inline works to put temporary fence gaps along the pipeline right-of-way.  After the pipeline is in the ground and the right-of-way has been seeded, Inline replaces the temporary fence gaps with permanent fencing according to the property owner and oil company specifications.

We also install chain link fences, barbed wire fences and pipe fences on productions sites to secure the site. Various types of gates are installed in order to control the security and access into these sites.

 With over 50 years combined experience and in-depth knowledge of industry standards and regulations, our capable installers provide outstanding services.  We have worked with GulfTex Energy, Ironwood Oil and Gas, NuStar Energy, Koch Pipeline, Plains, Kinder Morgan, BHP Billiton, and more.

We are at your service ready to work with you.
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